How To Install The Laser Cutting Machine Lens

How To Install The Laser Cutting Machine Lens

Just like a car, we have to maintain it often so that it doesn't hold us in the middle of the road. For laser cutting machines, we also need to frequently replace some vulnerable parts to ensure the performance of the laser cutting machine, such as Nozzles and lenses, although often cleaning and maintaining the lens of the laser cutting machine is a troublesome thing, but doing a good job can prolong the life of the lens, which can save a lot of expenses for the company, it is very valuable Meaningful things. Nozzles and lenses are the most frequently changed by laser cutters. So, today I will tell you about the precautions for laser cutting machine lens installation.

1. Please clean your hands before operation, it is best to wash your hands with soap or detergent. This is a good habit of operating the cutter lens normally. Do not touch the lens directly with your bare hands. You should wear special gloves to prevent finger prints from leaving the lens and affecting accuracy;

    2. When the lens is placed, it should be stable to prevent it from falling and falling, and at the same time, the convex surface of the lens should be flat on a stable and clean table. At the same time, check that there are no foreign objects on the desktop to avoid confusion or affect the operating environment of the lens;

    3. The lens of the laser cutting machine should be careful not to be wet, nor can it be wiped with the traditional air blowing method, nor can it be blown with the hot air to prevent the lens from being damaged by heat. The lens belongs to high precision, and the temperature and humidity are strictly controlled so as not to affect the lens surface protective film and optical accuracy;

    4. After the lens of the laser cutting machine is assembled, pay attention to the cleaning and dust removal of the lens. It is best to use a clean air spray gun instead of an ordinary spray gun;

    5. The lens of the cutting machine must be kept absolutely clean, and the surface of the lens should not be touched directly by hand, and other non-designated items should be strictly prevented from directly contacting the surface of the lens. In the cleaning and maintenance of the lens, use a professional wiping paper to gently pull from the side to the other side to avoid scratching the lens surface.

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