The Ultimate Guide to Fiber Lasers: All You Need to Know

When the machine is turned on in the morning, due to the low water temperature in the chiller, when the temperature is lower than the critical point of 4, an alarm state (ie, low temperature alarm) will be triggered, causing the laser to be unable to emit light.


cause of issue
•The lower limit of laser temperature is 20°C. If the water tank temperature reaches 22°C, the laser can start normally and no alarm will occur;
•If the laser is turned on before the water tank temperature reaches 22°C, an early warning will appear. The above are normal settings.


•Don’t panic when the laser alarms. Wait for the water tank to heat up to 22°C and then restart the laser. It can be used normally.
•It is recommended to let the water cooler work for a while before turning on the machine in the morning. When the temperature reaches above 20°C, then turn on the laser to avoid the above alarm.

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