Antifreeze measures for fiber laser cutting machines

Antifreeze measures for fiber laser cutting machines

TWCNC stipulates that the operating temperature of the cutting head and laser is 5℃ to 55℃. When the ambient temperature is lower than 5°C, or even as low as the freezing point of the coolant, antifreeze measures must be taken to ensure that the chiller is turned on 24 hours a day, so that the coolant is in a circulating state and the temperature is not lower than the freezing point.

If you need to add antifreeze to the water cooling system, you must use a professional brand of special antifreeze. Do not use ethanol instead. Antifreeze must not corrode metal parts, rubber hoses, etc. When selecting or preparing antifreeze, its freezing point should be 5°C lower than the lowest temperature of the environment. When the ambient temperature is below -10°C (especially in the north), even if antifreeze has been added to the water cooling system, it is still recommended to keep the chiller on 24 hours a day to maintain water circulation and prevent the cooling water from freezing and damaging the pipelines.

Note 1: Once winter is over and the ambient temperature is above 5°C, the antifreeze must be replaced in time, the water cooling system must be rinsed three times, and replaced with clean purified water or distilled water.
Note 2: If the machine is shut down for a long time or needs to be transported, compressed air must be used to drain the cooling liquid in the mechanical cooling pipeline to prevent internal ice from damaging the device.
Note 3: To avoid corrosion, users must comply with the instructions and maintenance intervals given by the equipment manufacturer, laser manufacturer or cooling device manufacturer.

Please choose an antifreeze with a suitable freezing point based on the local temperature. The choice of antifreeze is not that the lower the freezing point, the better, but based on the local minimum temperature, choose an antifreeze slightly lower than the local temperature.

Antifreeze ratio
Local temperature -42°C~-45°C 6:4 (60% antifreeze 40% water)
Local temperature -32C~-35°C 5:5 (50% antifreeze 50% water)
Local temperature -22°C~-25C 4:6 (40% antifreeze 60% water)
Local temperature -12°C~-15C 3:7 (30% antifreeze 70% water}

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