What Is The Difference Between Plasma Cutter And Fiber Laser Cutter?

What Is The Difference Between Plasma Cutter And Fiber Laser Cutter?

Fiber laser cutting, because the invisible light beam replaces the traditional mechanical knife, the mechanical part of the laser cutter head has no contact with the work, and will not cause scratches on the work surface during the work; the laser cutting speed is fast, the cutting is smooth and flat, generally not Subsequent processing is required; the heat-affected zone of the cutting is small. Plasma machine is a kind of thermal cutting equipment. Its working principle is to use the heat of high-temperature plasma arc to locally melt the metal at the cut of the workpiece, and remove the molten metal by the momentum of the high-speed plasma to form a cutting method.


Why is a plasma laser machine thicker and cheaper than fiber?

1. Plasma cutting machine has rough surface, which has advantages for cutting thick plates, and the price is low.

2, the laser cutting surface is smooth, the plasma is rough, and someone needs to repair burrs. The laser cutting surface is smooth, and the compensation accuracy is relatively high, which is a bit expensive. In terms of cost, plasma is about 1/3 cheaper than laser.

3. The disadvantage of plasma is that the slit width is about 3MM. The most important part of the plasma is the power supply, which is equivalent to the laser of a laser cutting machine. The plasma consumes considerable power. Common spare parts for electrode protection are also very expensive, especially the electrode punching is very expensive.

4. Plasma is often used for thick plate cutting, and fiber laser cutting machine is often used for thin plate cutting. Plasma cutting needs to send someone to repair burrs, and laser cutting can be formed at one time. No secondary processing is required.

Laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine are distinguished in detail:

1. Laser cutting Compared with plasma cutting, laser cutting is much more precise, the heat affected zone is much smaller, and the slit is much smaller;

2, if you want precision cutting, small cutting seam, small heat affected zone, and small plate deformation, it is recommended to choose a laser cutting machine;

3. Plasma cutting uses compressed air as the working gas and high-temperature and high-speed plasma arc as the heat source to locally melt the metal to be cut, and at the same time blow the molten metal away with high-speed airflow to form a cut;

4. The heat-affected zone of plasma cutting is relatively large, and the slit is relatively wide. It is not suitable for cutting thin plates, because the plates will be deformed due to heat;

5. The price of laser cutting machine is a little more expensive than plasma cutting machine.

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